Get Help - Quickly!

You don’t want to wait ages to get help do you, so we have made it mega easy.

You can simply call us on 01438 873237 and someone will answer your question straight away, ask if you’ve had a good day and make sure there isn’t anything else they can do to help before wishing you well and saying goodbye.

Or… Maybe you’re at work plotting your next adventure escape…? In that case pop on the website (Discreetly!) and chat to us in the online chat feature.

If you’re not in that much of a hurry you can send us a quick email on and we’ll help you or you can take a look at the FAQ’s below. We can call you back if you leave a number in your message. Easy!


You will be advised on the best arrival time in your welcome email/pack once you book. This will depend on what accommodation you have booked with us or on your own. If you wish to arrive early or depart late please contact us and we can make the arrangements for you. 

Absolutely! Our trips are inclusive to all. Bring your own friends or make some new ones on one of our exciting trips!

As much as we love our four legged friends it is not always possible or safe to bring them along on our trips for various reasons. Contact us if you have a particular request. 


We will always supply a vegetarian of vegan meal, however due to the remote locations of our venues these must be booked in advance.

Please let us know well in advance to allow us the best chance to provide a specific menu.

Please ensure you list any allergies and intolerances clearly during the booking process, we can accommodate most allergies.

You are insured by us during your trip whilst partaking in activities guided/led by us. However, if you book with us and then have to cancel for whatever reason you may need a travel insurance policy in order to re-coup any money you have spent in making your booking with us.

Organisations like the Post Office do a very good policy which is very well priced. 

We have set up the addictive club to try and create a community of adventurers. You can become a free member without booking a trip and if you book a trip we will set this up for you. (You can leave at ANY time)

In the near future we will be developing our membership scheme to include some amazing tiered benefits.

Sure – rather than booking online we will send you a booking form and invoice with bank details to make your payment and the attached terms to your booking.

Children LOVE adventures!

If you are considering booking with children please contact us and we’d be happy to offer you some tips and advice as to what to expect and what our most suitable products are. 

Once booked you will be sent an email jam packed with loads of helpful, useful info. Included in this is a concise kit list for that trip (also viewable in the product info section on the website before you book).

If you more questions about equipment then just contact us and we’ll be happy to advise.