Hire a Guide / Build Your Own Adventure

Hire a Guide or Build Your Own

Hire a Guide

Would you like to hire one of our wonderful guides to take you on your very own special adventure?

Maybe you have decided for a big birthday you’d like to climb that mountain you’ve never tried, canoe a river you’ve always dreamed of descending or do something mad like jumping off cliffs into the sea?!

Not everyone like to do things in groups, some of us like to be looked after on a very close ratio and experience a real premium guided service. Sure, it costs a tiny bit more, but if that’s what you want…

Yep! We can organise all of that for you.


Build Your Own – Private Group Adventures

Have you seen something in a magazine or on the tele that you want to organise for your friends or family?

Whatever the reason, the inspiration or the madness behind it we can provide the plan and the leaders for it.

With our skills and experience, we can provide you with your own adventure, whether it’s a weekend’s walking, wild mountain expedition, rock climbing, mountain biking, or a combination of outdoor activities.

In fact, we can pretty much tailor your event according to the skills and experience of the group, while you can rest easy knowing you have qualified guides and our support. As well as providing a guiding service, we can help with the organisation of a trip or event such as providing advice on the best places to stay or taking on the full responsibility for the logistics, leaving you to simply enjoy the experience.

Whatever you’re looking for, one thing’s for sure, we will work with you to ensure it’s the adventure you want.