New to Adventure?

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New to adventure? No Bother!

Heres our the top 3 adventures for beginners


We know it can be challenging when everything is new to you; that’s why we have handpicked ideal adventures for those who are new to outdoor activities. The most important thing to remember is that everyone has been in your boots before!


First off is the Holy Island Adventure! A wet & wild adventure for thrillseekers, Holyhead remains to be a climbing paradise, filled from coast to cliffside with iconic scenery and dramatic sea cliffs. While this adventure gives you everything at once, it is the perfect way to dive headfirst into adventure! Alongside our guides, this trip is a guaranteed route to becoming a pro adventurer!


What should you look forward to?

  • Rock climbing and abseiling along mountain crags
  • Traditional Welsh cuisine
  • Sea kayaking and the chance to spot some of nature’s favourites
  • Traversing stunning terrain through coasteering and swimming!


Second is the mighty Snowdonia Watersports Weekend… This fast-paced adventure has something for everyone across all skill levels, but remember to pack your poncho as you will definitely get wet! Renowned for its mountainous landscape, Snowdonia offers up one of the best chances to experience the exhilarating adrenaline rush of water-based activities. This is the best way to experienced Snowdonia in a unique and challenging way!


Because Snowdonia is a vast and breathtaking region, it is impossible to squeeze all of these activities into one trip! We also have the Snowdonia Mini Adventure – while the best things come in small packages, this trip is no small feat… Different from its watersports counterpart, the mini adventure shows the stunning landscapes of Snowdonia, featuring white water activities and tackling tough terrain. Your qualified and experienced guides will be with you every step of the way to test your nerve under their watchful eye. This adventure is perfect for those looking to be both inspired and challenge whilst surrounded by stunning scenery and terrain! 


What you could get up to…

  • Soaking up the mountain air and taking in those amazing views
  • Kayaking, canoeing and paddling until you become a pro
  • Relaxing vibes around the campfire
  • Slip, slide and scramble up great gorges
  • White water slides, abseils and massive jumps!
  • Plenty of opportunities to enjoy hearty Welsh dinners


Finally is the Lake District Mini Adventure! We’ll let you decide if we have left the best until last… The Lake District really is something else, and allows us to show off everything above all in one compact adventure. All of the activities here are surrounded by natural beauty – from the water itself with it’s famous glacial ribbon lakes, to the hills and their rugged fell mountains, valleys and gorges that make up this wonderful place, you will be taken into a new little world packed with adventure.


Things to get excited about:

  • Seeing the best that the Lakes have to offer from a unique perspective!
  • Rock climbing along some of the UK’s most famous and preserved sites
  • Mixing climbing, canoeing, paddling and white-water escapades all into one!
  • Summit the heights of towering crags and abseil yourself back down


Avoid soggy socks with our handy advice! Find a blog here that keeps you in-the-know about side-stepping those soaking situations: