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Enjoy one of the best ways to explore one of the most scenic lochs in Scotland… in a canoe! Discover the stunning area, paddling by day and wild camping by night.

Explore one of the most scenic lochs in Scotland… in a canoe! Discover the stunning area, paddling by day and wild camping by night. Loch Maree has an incredible 66 islands to explore. Yes – 66!

The Loch offers secret islands within its islands … a Russian doll effect! This unique layout must be seen to be believed! The clusters of land are just waiting to be explored and the landscape and wildlife in the area are amazing. Loch Maree is truly beautiful, shrouded in legend and can only be fully explored and appreciated from the water.

At night, enjoy truly wild camping at its best. You’ll be sleeping under the stars, fully immersed in nature. The tranquillity is amazing… Spend your evenings watching the fire dance under a blanket of starry skies!

Our guides will keep you safe and polish your technique, while ensuring you know the difference between a Seagull and soaring Sea Eagle. All the equipment you need will be provided from Canoes to Camp grub and if you’re lucky our guides might let you have a swig of the local warming liquor!

Bring along your sense of adventure and enthusiasm. Get involved. Get exploring

This is a truly adventurous place that you’ll never forget!


Day 1:

We will meet you in Inverness City Centre at 9:30am leaving you free to travel, arrive or drive the day before. We make our way West to the wild lands of the Torridon Region.

Learn how to pack, paddle… and name your canoe… then set off into the wild!

It’s a short journey to reach our first wild camp. We spend time ensuring everyone understands how to be a self-sufficient canoe camper and look after the fragile environment. 

Camp out gazing up at the stars if its dry or be cozy covered in canvas depending on your comfort zone. 

Day 2:

Wake up early and peacefully go for a dip if you want to really feel immersed in nature.

Our guide will get the coffee on and get everyone doing their thing to ensure a smooth and filling breakfast is had.

If there is wind, we will sail, if there is rain we will bail but whatever the weather we will be sure to stop on the Druids island and pay homage to the voyagers and history of the place you are in. The day is spent hopping between islands and watching out for wildlife until we get to the Island on an island on an island… it’s an amazing, natural phenomenon! Come along and see it for yourself

Then we make our way to find a surreal, soul warming spot to make camp and bask in the tranquil spot we have found to call home. The loch is on the West coast of Scotland so sunsets are a regular sight…

We may do a campfire using our fire bowl; but that depends on how much dead wood you have collected along the way. Enjoy Marshmallows and S’mores… delicious and essential to every camping trip.

Day 3:

Leaving our lovely camp behind as there is much more to see and places to be. Start up your porridge fuelled engines and paddle your instructor’s guided path.  The guide will  encourage the group to get involved in map reading/navigation. Work out where you’d like to go and we’ll let you know how much time it might take. The get out point is an ancient inland harbour that has a story to tell. The route back along the road rises high above the loch so you can grab panoramic pictures of your adventure and try to trace our route back. You should be back to make transport connections or stay locally for another night by 15:00.

Road Sign (White)-01What's included?
  • Qualified friendly Instructors
  • Tents, camping mats, mugs, cutlery and amazing food
  • Activity equipment: canoes, buoyancy aids, paddles etc
  • Dry storage for all the kit and your clothing
whatsNotIncludedWhat’s not included?
  • Travel insurance
  • Sleeping Bag – this can be rented for an additional £25 per trip
  • Midge net – this can be purchased for an additional £5
  • Battery packs to recharge your electronics
  • Waterproofing for your electronic gadgets
  • Transport to Inverness, Scotland
  • Insect deterrents to stop ticks and the mighty midge!
  • Extra snacks and drinks. You can stock up on favourites in Inverness before we leave
What type of accommodation is involved?

Very Wild Camping! You’ll be sleeping in tents in remote locations. You can’t get wilder! There are NO toilets – You’ll learn about Leave No Trace practice, to help preserve this beautiful, natural habitat.

groupHow big is the group?

Maximum of seven. It’s a beautiful yet fragile environment and we want you to get the chance to enjoy it crowd free! As a company we are also responsible for protecting it.

whatKitToBringWhat kit do I need to bring?
  • Wet and dry footwear (Think rocky and heathery landscapes… you’ll need full foot protection)
  • Lots of warm layers, including hats and gloves. You will be active but static when camping.
  • Waterproof top & trousers
  • Small camping luxuries like a pack of cards (Note: they have to fit in a small space)
  • Midge repellent & Net (Nets can be purchased for £5)
  • You can get our full trip packing list below

Kit List: Loch Maree

What’s the weather like?

The weather is highly changeable in the Highlands so we advise you to pack everything listed on the kit list. You could be paddling in a t-shirt and an hour later be sat in 6 inches of water  – aka a canoe bath!

Your guide will let you know pre-departure if the weather conditions are particularly extreme but you should expect a mix of sun, rain and wind.

What’s the food like?

Meals are substantial and healthy (apart from the odd optional treat).  All dietary requirements can be catered for given advanced notice.

How fit do I need to be?

It’s classed as: Warming Up. You might need to swim back to your boat or climb up a steep bank, but the paddling is slow paced, and effort is only required to carry kit around at camp.




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