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Immerse yourself in nature with this exhilarating Highlands adventure. It’s the perfect combination of epic canoeing, incredible climbing and the wildest camping you can get.

Get to know (and name!) your canoe and become a slick canoe camper – at home on the water and kit-savvy to stay dry and afloat. Discover an amazing array of islands, including the special Isle Maree, linked to druids and pagan worship.

After exploring the loch and its islands, we’ll find a perfect place to camp. Spend the evening swapping stories and eating treats by the fire, then sleep under the stars. This is truly wild camping – be prepared!

Slioch is a formidable-looking mountain; the climb is exciting and challenging with lots of rocky terrain involved. You’ll need some basic fitness for this adventure – plus lots of enthusiasm and determination to push through to the top of the mountain. You’ll need a head for heights! As you reach the summit, the sense of achievement and dramatic views make the hard work totally worthwhile.

Do you want variety, adventure and wilderness? Let’s go!


Day 1:

We will meet you in Inverness at 10:30 to meet you, grab your gear, then we make our way West to the wild lands of the Torridon Region.

Learn how to pack, paddle, and name your canoe; then set off into the wild! We have a short journey to reach our first wild camp and spend time ensuring everyone understands how to be a self-sufficient canoe camper and look after the fragile environment. If you are a fan of books there are some publications like: “How to shit in the woods” and “Canoe camping” available to take with you or read on the journey….

The camping can be done in Bivouac bags gazing up at the stars or covered in canvas depending on your comfort zone. The first camp will be on the loch shore to ensure everyone gets the hang of things before we head to a compact island for the second night.

Day 2:

Wake up early and go for a peaceful dip if you want to really feel immersed in nature.

Our instructor will get the coffee on and get everyone going to ensure a smooth DE-montage and filling breakfast is had.

If there is wind, we will sail, if there is rain, we will bail – but whatever the weather we will be sure to stop on the Druids island and pay homage to the voyagers and history of the place you are in. The day is spent hopping between islands and watching out for wildlife until we get to the Island on an island on an island… You’ll just have to come and see that for yourself to get your head around it.

Then we make our way to find a surreal, soul warming spot to make camp, make music and bask in the surreal spot we have found to call home.

We may do a campfire using our fire bowl; but that depends on how much dead wood you have collected along the way. Marshmallows, Malts and s’mores are essential enjoying every wild camping trip. This is no exception.

Day 3:

We leave our lovely camp behind…  there is more to see and places to be, so start up your porridge fuelled engines and paddle along your instructor’s guided path across the Loch to the start point for our ascent of the towering peak of Slioch. The climb is exciting and challenging as we work our way steadily to the top of this imposing peak. Slioch is often quieter due the nature of accessing it. After summiting and sharing summit photos we retreat back down to our canoes and paddle onwards to our get out point.


The get out point is an ancient inland harbour that has a story to tell and the journey back along the road rises high above the loch so you can grab pictures of your adventure and try to trace our route back. You should be back to make transport connections by 17:00 or stay another night in the highlands… we can arrange this for you on request.


  • Qualified friendly Instructors
  • Tents, sleeping bags, camping cutlery and everything you’ll need to camp out
  • Activity equipment: Canoes, buoyancy aids, paddles, portage trollies etc
  • Dry storage for all the kit and your clothing

  • Travel insurance
  • Battery packs to recharge your electronics
  • Waterproofing for your electronic gadgets
  • Transport to Inverness Scotland
  • Insect deterrents to stop ticks and the mighty midge!
  • Extra Snacks and drinks, you can stock up on favourites in Inverness before we leave

VERY Wild Camping, tents or bivi bags on remote islands. You can’t get much wilder!

There are NO toilets, as you them – we will teach you how to perform these tasks!

Maximum of six sharing tents or six people in bivi bags and tarps under the stars. It’s a fragile environment and we want to protect it.

  • Wet and dry footwear. (Think rocky and heathery landscapes that need full foot protection.)
  • Lots of warm layers, including hats and gloves. You will be active but static when camping.
  • Waterproof top & trousers
  • Solid walking boots and socks
  • Small (30-40ltr) rucksack
  • Small camping luxuries like a pack of cards. (Note: they have to fit in a small space.)
  • Midge repellent. (We provide nets for you.)
  • You can get our full trip packing list below

North West Paddle & Summit

The weather is highly changeable in the Highlands so we advise you to pack everything listed on the kit list – you could be paddling in a t-shirt and an hour later be sat in 6 inches of water aka a canoe bath..

Your guide will let you know pre-departure if the weather conditions are particularly extreme but you should expect a mix of sun, rain and wind.

Food will be cooked on an open fire or stove. But that doesn’t mean its basic: risottos, banana pancakes (Colin’s fav!), cured meat and vegan falafels are all possible. We will chat with you about menus closer to the trip. Please tell us pre-departure of any dietary requirements.

Its classed as: Tough. You might fall in, but the paddling is slow paced and effort is only required to carry kit around at camp. When we attack Slioch on the mountain day this is a challenging mountain climb with lots of height gain across rocky loose footpaths. 




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