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Snowdonia Rock Climbing Weekend

Learn how to become A Climber in Snowdonia.

Rock climbing is bold, exhilarating and the best way to discover Snowdonia. You’ll learn to expand your comfort zone and reach new heights throughout your journey; this is a rock climbing at its best. No prior experience is needed, just keep going, enjoying views that become more breath-taking the higher you climb.

Snowdonia is the ultimate climbing location in Wales with stunning scenery, challenging terrain and an impressive choice of cliffs and rock types to try. This adventure is tailored to any ability but the harder you push and pull the more you’ll achieve! It’s not all high, there are knots to tie, tricky techniques to learn and nuts to place…

Our expert guides pick the best routes for you, keeping you safe, motivated and loving life.

The weekend is progressive… can you keep up?

Let’s get your inner Gecko going!

Warming Up
2 nights
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Learn how to become A Climber in Snowdonia.

Total: 120
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