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This adventure is a combination of phenomenal climbing and truly wild camping. You’ll be climbing in Snowdonia by day and camping in the wilderness overnight

You’ll need grit and determination to hike up hills with your home on your back. Our instructors are on hand to motivate and guide you along your ascent to the mountain tops! Be prepared for breath-taking views and an amazing sense of achievement.

You’ll spend the night under the stars, enjoying the great outdoors… and star gazing treats! This is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in nature and tranquillity. Watch in wonder from your tent as the sun rises, illuminating the spectacular landscape. Soak up and enjoy every minute you can.

Be challenged and be amazed by nature.


Day 1:

Head on over to Snowdonia and check in at the campsite from around 16:00. On this exciting weekend you’ll be experiencing a whole new side to our mountains. Walking and taking in the beautiful scenery during the day then setting up camp in a truly wild spot before spending the evening star gazing and sitting around absorbing the wilderness.

At around 19:00 you will be able to meet the team and your fellow adventurers for a welcome drink before heading out for dinner. 

Day 2:

Wake up refreshed and ready to go after a good night’s sleep. Enjoy a hearty breakfast and then we can head out for our first epic day!

Today will be an early start as we have a lot of kit to distribute and help you pack before setting off on our ascent. We’ll give you all you need to keep you safe. After a short drive we will head out to begin our ascent. Routes will be discussed and chosen the night before based on forecasted weather and the group’s goals. We will always aim for a summit and often stay away from the mega popular mountains and instead head towards quieter but equally as impressive mountains with stunning atmosphere and views.

Day 3:

After a good night’s sleep in your wild camp we will wake early with the sunrise and enjoy a freshly brewed coffee (or tea) whilst watching the sun climb over the horizon. Once we have re-packed our rucksacks and of course done a quick litter sweep we will begin our walk back down to the valley.

There will be an opportunity for the whole team to frequent a local pub to enjoy a celebratory drink and the option of some fresh, hot food to recharge.

*Please note, unless you have asked to stay an extra night (we can do this for you) you will have already checked out so you will not have access to your tent.

Road Sign (White)-01What's included?
  • Qualified friendly Instructors
  • Arrival night accommodation at our glamping base
  • 1 night wild camping with guides
  • Tent hire (If you have your own equipment let us know!)
  • Expedition food for dinner on mountain camp
  • Activity equipment: tents/roll mats/stoves/gas
whatsNotIncludedWhat’s not included?
  • Travel insurance – Activity Insurance is!
  • Transport to Snowdonia
  • Dinner, Lunch, snacks and drinks. There are plenty of shops so you can get your favourite things
  • Please understand we will not accept anyone drinking, drunk or hungover during activities.
What type of accommodation is involved?
  • Glamping in our lovely bell tents – each tent sleeps 4 in futon style beds with proper bedding.
  • One night wild camping
groupHow big is the group?

Maximum group size is 10 however larger groups can be arranged by special request. If the group is larger than 10 people, multiple venues will be used to minimise environmental impact on our beautiful but fragile venues.

whatKitToBringWhat kit do I need to bring?
  • Some sturdy walking boots please.
  • 3 season sleeping bag (We can advise you on this)
  • Lots of warm layers, including hats and gloves. You will be active but static in camp. NO FIRES!
  • Waterproof top & trousers
  • 40-50 litre Rucksack
  • You can get our full trip packing list below

Sunset & Sleepovers

What’s the weather like?

The weather is highly changeable in the mountains so we advise you to pack everything listed on the kit list – you could be walking in a t-shirt and an hour later need a full fleece and waterproofs on. Your guide will let you know pre-departure if the weather conditions are particularly extreme but as this trip is in the summer months, you should expect a mix of sun, rain and wind.

What’s the food like?
  • This is a self catering trip but we can advise you on our favourite eateries!
  • We will supply tea/coffee and expedition food for Dinner and the following mornings breakfast (You will be asked in advance for your dietary needs)
How fit do I need to be?

It’s classed as Warming Up. Climbing is not an easy activity, if you are a regular mountain walker, you’ll find this a fun and more interesting way to get to the top! Being balanced and sure on your feet helps and be ready to push your comfort zone to the max!





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