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This amazing adventure adds a whole new dimension: the sea. It’s powerful, yet predictably graceful nature, adds an exciting and daring element to mix up our epic weekend.

You’ll be based on the coast of Anglesey, making the most of area’s coastline and terrain. Embrace the fresh air, explore the incredibly carved landscape… and have fun!

Discover the rocky shoreline and swim in the white waves by scrambling and swimming along the stunning Welsh landscape. Then swim, jump, abseil and slide your way down our canyon, having fun and gasping for air with excitement. Who needs the gym when you can enjoy nature’s workout?

Our expert guides know every rock, winkle and seal you might see, so ask away throughout the day. We’ll keep you safe and guide you along the way. Relax – if you’re feeling out of your comfort zone, we’ll have different levels for you to try. Ready to push even more? Great we can do that too!

Some fitness is needed for this trip, plus a keen sense of adventure and lots of enthusiasm. You’ll enjoy challenging, incredible and truly memorable journeys in, through and under the water.

Are you ready? Come jump in!


Day 1:

Set off following our carefully written instructions like an adventure treasure hunt to reach your accommodation and beautiful adventure area.

Meet your host, go for a wander and do as you wish before heading to get some good sleep as you’ll need your energy tomorrow!

Day 2:

Get up and if you get a shower, imagine it’s a waterfall… because it will be soon!

Make sure you eat lots of breakfast to stack up your energy levels ready for the fantastic day ahead. Then find yourself some snacks, lunch and drinks to eat along the way. We like to suggest snacking little and often rather than buying big meals.

Then there will be a short drive to meet your instructor and fellow addicted adventurers.

We will begin with handing out wetsuits and safety equipment for you to wear and model all day. The kit will keep you warm and the does my bum look big in this banter helps keep the fun feeling flowing all day.

Descend your way through the white-water world, we will slip, slide, scramble and climb our way through the canyon. There are so many things to do that you won’t remember them all… Please understand that although we like to get people addicted to activities, we also give you the option to walk around things if it’s too far out of your comfort zone. That being said the more you say yes, the more we will push you (Metaphorically speaking ahem)!

Once we all arrive safely back at the vehicles we will change and head back to the campsite for a well-earned drink, hot showers and you can share stories over dinner, social media and into the evening with your other adventurers if you wish.

Day 3:

We go to the beach! Please don’t forget to check out of your glamping tent, grab lunch and come and meet us on Anglesey, home of the plastic free and amazing sea!

Coasteering involves much of the same equipment and gear so you’ll be pros at getting the wetsuits on. A short walk to the beach and a few sandcastles later we will be chatting about the amazing marine life, waves and floatability of the sea. The difference between the canyon and coast becomes clear as you spend way more time in the water swimming, jumping and moving along the open coastline in bright hot sunshine (ok maybe it’s raining but who cares you’re in the water anyway). Build up to the biggest jump if you dare, then you scramble out. You get to walk back around the top of the cliffs looking down into the areas you played in and spot seals you didn’t even know where there…

Get showered, get changed or get a jacuzzi (if you booked an extra night) and wash the salt off.


  • Qualified, Friendly Instructors
  • Glamping Accommodation with Breakfast Included!
  • Activity Equipment; wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets and safety gear
  • A great time!

  • Travel insurance – Activity Insurance is!
  • Wetsuit/neoprene socks if you fancy warm feet
  • Some grippy trainers, old walking boots or canyoning shoes. NO crocs or sandals, sorry!
  • Dinner, Lunch, snacks and drinks

  • Glamping in our lovely bell tents – each tent sleeps 4 in futon style beds with proper bedding.
  • We include breakfast on this adventure!

  • Maximum group size is 10
  • By request bigger groups can be arranged

  • A swimsuit and large towel for changing in
  • A waterproof camera with lanyard if you fancy some photos
  • Some big shorts to go over your wetsuit, this protects our harnesses and your modesty
  • A pair of old walking boots or sturdy lace up trainers for the water
  • Some string for your glasses if you intend to wear them in the rushing water
  • You can get our trip packing list below

Coast & Canyon Weekend

The weather is changeable in the mountains, so we advise you to pack everything listed on the kit list. If water levels are really high from prolonged rain, we reserve the right to change venues to something that doesn’t represent the Niagara Falls… you’ll still have fun and definitely get mega places to go to!

  • Breakfast is either a cooked breakfast or continental with fresh tea, coffee and fruit juice.
  • For lunch and dinner we can advise you on our favourite eateries!

Canyoning and Coasteering are full body workouts in neoprene. This adventure is suitable for beginners with a good sense of adventure and sureness on their feet. You need to be able to swim, however you can take your time and will be in floaty neoprene and buoyancy aids.

It’s classed as: Warming up to Tough (You can choose how exciting to make it!)




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