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This weekend tests your fitness, balance and determination in two extreme ways: climbing Mount Snowdon and Yoga with a difference…. on a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). Yep. Yoga… on a board… on the water!

Snowdon is home to the highest mountain in Wales and England plus some of the UK’s most stunning SUP locations. You’ll need some fitness, agility and a sense of humour (just in case) during this epic weekend. Are you ready to try it?

Our instructors will guide you through two very different activities. The first day involves 4 to 6 hours of climbing to reaching the summit of Mount Snowdon. On day two, you’ll head for the water for your next challenge… SUP Yoga. It’s not just about stretching, Yoga is about absorbing the peace, tranquillity and calming natural energy around you.

Board. Balance. Breathe.


Day 1:

Head on down, over or up, to get to North Wales. Mountainous passes can be a fun negotiation at night, so take a train and relax… or order an Uber and say “Snowdon please”!

Our warm cosy accommodation awaits you. Arrive, unpack and prepare your boots, socks and rucksack ready for an early start the next day. Local pubs and restaurants are available if you turn up hungry. We always recommend Dragon burgers if you are feeling brave!

Day 2:

We meet you locally and get the bus to the start point at Pen Y Pass. This is the perfect time to meet your fellow Addictive Adventurers. You’ll also see  the stunning Llanberis Pass, awash with climbing history. Look out for  people dangling off cliffs (safely!) on one of our “Become a Climber” weekends. From the top of the Pass you’ll receive a safety brief, request to stay together and get a last chance to use the loo…

We set off up the PYG track on easy trails which are fairly flat at first. We steadily increase in height taking time to take in the views. You’ll also and hear about the geology, plants and animals that live, breath and create the mountain scape around you.

The path steepens up suddenly and we start the real hiking. Ascending upward over rocks, scree and streams. If the weather’s clear you can look up and see the summit above you. We take our time with plenty of stops to drink water, have little snacks and appreciate your achievements so far. Then it really steepens up – only for a short while – but it’s tough. It wouldn’t be a proper mountain without some sweat and tears! Once we reach the top there is an easy ridge along to the summit proper and you can celebrate, taking glory in the huge cliffs, views and panoramic photo opportunities. Facetime your family and friends to scream “I’VE DONE IT!!!”, (well some people do).

Then we head back down… just like that!

The reason we offer Yoga the next day becomes apparent! Your aches are forgotten with a few tasters of amazing Welsh Ale and award-winning Gins that evening. Join your fellow mountaineers or choose something different.

Day 3:

Please pack your bags, have some breakfast and wobble along to meet us for a session of Yoga.

We will meet our Yoga instructor who will greet you and go through a gentle stretching warm up with you. Once the SUP’s are ready you will head out onto the lake in the shadow of Snowdon for your session of Yoga to relieve yesterdays tired muscles and rejuvenate yourself. After the session you are free to have fun on the SUPS for a while (or a swim if you’d prefer!)

The afternoon is purposely left free, so you have time to explore the local area, fantastic cafes and golden beaches…

If you’d like advice, other options or activities and accommodation just give us a call!


Road Sign (White)-01What's included?
  • Qualified friendly Instructors
  • Glamping accommodation with welcome hamper (If chosen at checkout)
  • Safety kit & first aid for the mountain day
  • Stand up paddleboards and YOGA class
  • Wetsuits depending on the time of year and weather
whatsNotIncludedWhat’s not included?
  • Travel insurance – Activity Insurance is!
  • Transport to Snowdonia
  • Dinner, Lunch, snacks and drinks. There are plenty of shops and restaurants so you can get your favourite things!
  • Please understand we will not accept anyone drinking, drunk or hungover during activities.
What type of accommodation is involved?
  • Glamping in our lovely bell tents – each tent sleeps 4 in futon style beds with proper bedding.
groupHow big is the group?

Maximum group size is 12 however larger groups can be arranged by special request.

whatKitToBringWhat kit do I need to bring?
  • Some sturdy walking boots please. No trainers will be allowed.
  • Thick walking socks
  • Lots of warm layers, including hats and gloves. You will be active but the higher you go the cooler and windier it gets.
  • Waterproof top & trousers
  • A rucksack 20lt-40lt should be fine.
  • 2 Full 1 litre water bottles
  • You can get our full trip packing list below

Snowdon & SUP Yoga

What’s the weather like?

The weather is highly changeable in the mountains so we advise you to pack everything listed on the kit list – you could be walking in a t-shirt and an hour later need a full fleece and waterproofs. Your guide will let you know pre-departure if the weather conditions are particularly extreme but as this trip is in the summer months, you should expect a mix of sun, rain and wind.

What’s the food like?
  • This is a self catering trip but we can advise you on our favourite eateries!
How fit do I need to be?

It’s classed as: Warming Up. Reasonable fitness and balance are needed for both days. Snowdon is easily underestimated but we can take our time. Please look up online videos to get an appreciation that this is no hill! It really helps if you do some training walks on steep hills and get off road in the fields to get you ankle agility and legs used to steep mountainous paths. Some people do it in two hours some in 12! We will be aiming for six hours.

SUP Yoga is beautiful, tranquil and very peaceful…. until someone goes splash! If you haven’t tried it before you may get wet. If you’re experienced, it’s a great test of your core and awareness in an incredible setting.




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