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Learn how to become a Climber in Snowdonia

Rock climbing is bold, exhilarating and the best way to discover Snowdonia. You’ll learn to expand your comfort zone and reach new heights throughout your journey; this is rock climbing at its best. No prior experience is needed, just keep going, enjoying views that become more breath-taking the higher you climb.

Snowdonia is the ultimate climbing location in Wales with stunning scenery, challenging terrain and an impressive choice of cliffs and rock types to try. This adventure is tailored to any ability but the harder you push and pull the more you’ll achieve! It’s not all high, there are knots to tie, tricky techniques to learn and nuts to place…

Our expert guides pick the best routes for you, keeping you safe, motivated and loving life.

The weekend is progressive… can you keep up?

Let’s get your inner Gecko going!


Day 1:

Climb your way across the country to get to the land of Dragons and ARAFs. Make yourself comfortable and settle into your glamping home. If you fancy a tongue twisting lesson and a laugh you can try out your Welsh. 

Day 2:

Wake up and enjoy the sunrise as you have a long day ahead of you!

Once you’ve had breakfast, found lunch and filled your water bottles, follow our directions to meet your inspiring instructors.

Most venues require a walk to the start of the climb. This is great for warming up for your legs, carrying ropes and getting to know your fellow adventurers. Have a quick rest, take in the views and challenges ahead. Your instructor sets up the “crag” and makes your day come to life with colourful ropes laid down each of the lines you will try!

Then comes the learning; putting on helmets, harnesses and managing ropes so you know how to do buddy checks. Achieve climbing skills like “the Egyptian”, “heel hooking”, “Bridging” and “crack jamming” – if you are up for them!

Once your day of highs is over, you’ll have many tales to tweet on twitter and pictures of your cliff-hanger impressions to upload on Instagram.

You are welcome to arrange a meal with your fellow adventurers or slip away for a romantic meal for two: the choice is yours.

Day 3:

Pack up your bags and enjoy the new muscles you created yesterday! Have your coffee and set off to a new amazing venue, different rock type or area of the park that catches the most sun. This day will consolidate your learning, push you further, take you higher and really makes you feel like a climber!

* Day 3 can be tailored to your travelling needs, so if you have a 3pm train or a long journey please don’t hesitate to ask.

 *Unless you have asked to stay an extra night (we can do this for you) you will have already checked out so you will not have access to your tent.


  • Qualified friendly Instructors
  • Glamping Accommodation with welcome hamper
  • Activity Equipment: helmet, harness, ropes and safety gear

  • Travel insurance – Activity Insurance is!
  • Transport to Snowdonia
  • Dinner, Lunch, snacks and drinks. There are plenty of shops so you can get your favourite things
  • Please understand we will not accept anyone drinking, drunk or hungover during activities.

  • Glamping in our lovely bell tents – each tent sleeps 4 in futon style beds with proper bedding.

Maximum group size is 10 however larger groups can be arranged by special request. If the group is larger than 10 people, multiple venues will be used to minimise environmental impact on our beautiful but fragile venues.

  • Some sturdy trainers or walking boots please. Nothing too floppy.
  • Lots of layers for the Welsh weather, which can include hot sun, wintery winds and rain in a single day!
  • Waterproof top & trousers

You can get our trip packing list below.

Snowdonia Rock Climbing Weekend

The weather is highly changeable in the mountains so we advise you to pack everything listed on the kit list – you could be walking in a t-shirt and an hour later need a full fleece and waterproofs on. Your guide will let you know pre-departure if the weather conditions are particularly extreme but as this trip is in the summer months, you should expect a mix of sun, rain and wind.

  • This is a self catering trip but we can advise you on our favourite eateries!

It’s classed as Warming Up. Climbing is not an easy activity, if you are a regular mountain walker, you’ll find this a fun and more interesting way to get to the top! Being balanced and sure on your feet helps and be ready to push your comfort zone to the max!





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