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This is your ultimate adventure: Attempt to tame The Beast from the West to East!

The Beast is a challenging, fast-moving and exhilarating Scottish trip. It’s physically demanding and packed with pure adventure, both on land and water.

You’ll start with an incredible hike to conquer the mighty Ben Nevis. Next, you’ll jump on the bike to start your trip along the Great Glen. Then, you’ll face the Beast; 22.56 miles of open water that makes up Loch Ness, battling the elements with a canoe. Phew!

You’ll need to be physically fit; this trip is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll need to dig deep and summon all your stamina… that feeling of exhausted success is what makes it all worthwhile.

You’ll be hiking, canoeing and mountain biking along this iconic route. We’ll supply all the technical equipment and guidance you’ll need – plus lots of encouragement to keep you going. Remember to bring you’re A game with you. The Beast is so much more than your usual adventure.  If you love a physical adventure? This challenge is perfect for you.

It’s called The Beast for a reason. Brace yourself!


Day 1:

Travel to Fort William, Scotland and receive your Challenge brief…..

Day 2:

We will meet up at 8.00 am ready to start climbing Ben Nevis and then jump on the Bikes to cycle the Great Glen way to Fort Augustus.

This is a mere 8.5 miles on in your boots and 32 Miles on the bike! Once everyone has safely arrived in Fort Augusta you can relax, stretch and take on board more fluids and sustenance. We recommend you get a good night’s sleep…

Day 3:

The canoe marathon starts! After a hearty breakfast the 26 miles of wild, open water await you and if you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the other BEAST himself….

The entire group will travel at the pace of the guides on the water, this will prevent the group from spreading too thinly and provides effective safety cover.

Finish off the Beast with a Feast! We lay on a huge meal to satisfy your hunger and new adventure addiction. Medals, toasts and unjustifiable hero/heroine speeches are followed by a Photo presentation of your challenge to finish off your day

Day 4:

Today you are free to head home, or you can hang around and enjoy one of the most beautiful parts of the world and some true Scottish hospitality… If you can move that is!

Road Sign (White)-01What's included?
  • Xtreme challenge
  • Instructors who will push you!
  • Hotel accommodation in twin rooms
  • Activity Equipment and safety gear for each element/activity
  • Transfers between venues if not under your own steam
  • Support Vehicles
whatsNotIncludedWhat’s not included?
  • Travel insurance – Activity Insurance is!
  • Transport to the start point – Fort William
  • Extra snacks and drinks. There are plenty of shops so you can get your favourite things before setting off.
  • Please understand we will not accept anyone drinking, drunk or hungover during activities.
  • Pre training is something not included but if you’d like some to get the competitive edge do get in touch
What type of accommodation is involved?
  • Hotel in twin rooms
groupHow big is the group?

Maximum group size is 14 however larger groups can be arranged by special request.

Please contact us here.

whatKitToBringWhat kit do I need to bring?
  • Some sturdy trainers. Nothing too floppy.
  • Solid walking boots & Walking Socks
  • Lots of changes of dry fresh clothes. Layering options will be important.
  • You must have proper mountain waterproofs
  • You can get our full trip packing below

The Scottish Beast

What’s the weather like?

The weather is highly changeable in Scotland and even more so in the mountains, so we advise you to pack everything listed on the kit list – you could be cycling in a t-shirt and then an hour later be on a boat filling up with water and ice from a severe sleet storm with howling gales. Then, you WILL need a fleece, hat, gloves and waterproofs on! This is THE BEAST after all.

Our guides will let you know pre-activity departure if the weather conditions are particularly extreme. This trip is multi-activity, multi-terrain and multi-area. It will require some shopping, planning and testing of your kit to ensure you are ready for the Highland Weather!!!

What’s the food like?

Food will be delivered in a mixture of ways to suit the need to keep going or sit down and relax. From eating out of a mess tin on the side of a mountain to having a pint with your steak or jackfruit and beetroot burger in celebration. We aim to provide plenty of food to keep you going from snack bars to electrolytes along the way too. Please tell us pre-departure of any dietary requirements.

How fit do I need to be?

Did you read the name? No, you can’t just do this, don’t just turn up, that would be a mistake!

It’s classed as: Brace Yourself.



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